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Please note that any opinions expressed by authors and or contributors are not necessarily those of the Donor Conception Support Group of Australia


Welcome to the

Donor Conception Support Group

The Donor Conception Support Group of Australia is a self funding organisation run by volunteers and has been in existance since 1993.

Our membership is made up of people considering or using donor sperm, egg or embryo, those who already have children conceived on donor programmes, adult donor conceived people and donors. We also have social workers , doctors and clinic staff as members of the support group.


We feel that Donor Gamete families need an ongoing support system. Conceiving a child using donated gametes is only the first step. Parents, donor conceived people, donors and their family need help with accessing information and dealing with issues throughout their lives.







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A video made by donor conceived people

Tens of thousands of people around Australia and millions around the world are donor conceived. Most donor conceived people aren't aware of their situation because their parents have never told them. One of those people could be you. It's time to ask. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4canXMOELg


Man conceived using anonymous donor sperm wants to be the first Australian to change his birth certificate so his father’s name is listed as 'UNKNOWN'


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What Registers are available in Australia?






A World First!!!!!

23rd february 2016

The Victorian upper house just passed the ART Bill which will give ALL donor conceived people (conceived in Victoria) the right to know the identity of their donor no matter when they were born.

This legislation will go into force no later that 1st March 2017.

The Victorian Government will be working to make sure that the Victorian Assisted ReproductiveTechnology Authority (VARTA) will be ready to support people with the new changes as they occur.

The DCSG has worked for many decades to bring changes like this about and we would like to thank the many parents, donor conceived people and donors who have supported us and worked towards this change.



An insight into donor linking and the law in Victoria

New laws will give donor-conceived Victorians an automatic right to available identifying information about their donor, regardless of when they were born. While donors will no longer have the right to determine whether their identities are revealed to their donor offspring, the new laws will provide protective measures and allow donors control over how – or if - they have contact with those with whom they are biologically linked. VARTA will manage the Donor Registers from 1 March 2017, and continue to provide support services to donors, donor-conceived people and recipient parents.

The seminar will touch on the new legislation and its implications. You will hear from:

Louise Johnson, VARTA CEO providing an overview of VARTA’s role under new donor conception laws

Kate Bourne, VARTA Donor Registers Service Manager discussing donor linking etiquette

Dr Fiona Kelly, Associate Professor, Law School, La Trobe University busting some of the common myths about donor-linking and the law

A panel of donor-conceived people, recipient parents and donors many of whom have experienced donor-linking

This event is brought to you by VARTA, La Trobe University and Russell Kennedy for Law Week 2016

Members of general public and health or legal professionals are welcome to attend

Thursday 19 May 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Russell Kennedy, Level 12, 469 La Trobe Street Melbourne

Register online to attend at www.varta.org.au/events












Experiences of Donor Conception




It is a thoughtful drawing together of the experiences of those who have used assisted conception services and undergone treatment with donated gametes. It provides a practical approach to the process of choosing donor conception, but also explores the emotional and ethical issues involved. I started off by suggesting this book as a valuable resource for clients undergoing donor conception – I finish by suggesting the book should have a place on each treatment centre’s bookshelf with encouragement for every staff member to read it. Liz Scott, counsellor in the Assisted Conception Unit, Lister Hospital, London.           
 The book is impressive, both in the moving stories from all lay participants in the donor conception scene – recipient parents, donors and donor offspring; and in the comprehensiveness of its coverage. There is seemingly no scenario omitted. Sperm, egg and embryo donation all feature.Grant Pepper - Pathways newsletter of Fertility New Zealand

To purchase this book click here