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Over the years I didn’t think about it, but as I got older I wondered how many children I had fathered and what became of them – I became curious.
It is no different to adoption, I believe they are entitled to know who their biological parents is, for medical reasons or just to know.
Had I been conceived that way, I would go out of my way to find out – I would have to know.
Whenever the subject comes up in conversation, socially or at work, I am not embarrassed to admit I have been a donor.
I would like to know how many children I am responsible for helping to create and what became of them, and I am willing to meet them. 'P, sperm donor' from "Let the Offspring Speak" DCSG 1997

….I don’t know if I could make the commitment to be an anonymous donor. Being a known donor has the benefits of knowing whether the procedure was successful or not …… Having experienced this aspect of being a donor I think that being an anonymous donor I would always have a nagging curiosity over the years as to what was the outcome of my donation. When I look at ‘A’ now I don’t have any concerns about his origin but I do take great satisfaction at seeing a very happy family. "A, known egg donor " Let the Offspring Speak" DCSG 1997

I would be very happy to be contacted by recipients, as I don’t see the need for all this secrecy. 'L, anonymous egg donor' Let the Offspring Speak" DCSG 1997

'J' donated from the early to mid 1980’s in the USA and he describes his experiences of donating fresh semen.

In those days, doctors scheduled a ‘warm’ i.e. unfrozen donation because the success rate per cycle was 25% (compared to 20% for frozen sperm.)  The HIV tests were just coming into use at the end of my donating.
Interestingly, since I was donating ‘warm’ for a woman probably just down the hall, I could tell if a woman used my sperm two or three cycles in a row, and during some months I knew there were two women separated by a week or two. 
One historical tidbit is that I actually produced the sample at my home!  The nurse gave me a supply of little bottles.  She would call and say simply, ‘I need you next Tuesday and Thursday.’  I would write her name in my calendar and masturbate into the bottles that morning, attach a label with my ‘code,’ then drive to the clinic with the jar in my pocket to keep it warm, especially on cold days. "Experiences of Donor Conception" C Lorbach 2003

Yes, they all know about it, I think my mum and dad were a bit stunned because they’re Sri Lankan and that sort of thing is just not heard of. They were quite surprised to think that they might have grandchildren that they’ll probably never see, it’s a bit sad. My wife and daughter, they’re quite comfortable with it. My daughter, who’s 11 said she would quite love to meet any of her half brothers or half sisters, because she’s an only child. We think it would be wonderful to meet any of the children if it was ever possible. "Experiences of Donor Conception" C Lorbach 2003