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Mnay of these resources are no longer in print but if you can't source them through a regular bookshop you could try a seconhand book site like


Experiences of Donor Conception Parents, Donor offspring and Donors through the years
by Caroline Lorbach Australia 2003

                       A book written by Caroline Lorbach of the DCSG. This book explores the process of deciding to use donor conception, choosing a donor & discussing the decision with others – and considers the perspective of the donor alongside those of parents & offspring. It tackles difficult subjects such as disclosure & offspring’s access to information. This book may be purchased from the DCSG  $45.00 incl postage (profits go to the DCSG) For further information contact :

                Caroline on             


                                                                      Lethal secrets

Lethal Secrets:The psychology of donor Insemination - Problems and solutions
by Annette Baran & Reuben Pannor USA, 1993
The consequences and unsolved problems of D.I. "We feel that donor insemination can be a positive method of dealing with problems of infertility. In the world of alternative means of conception, donor insemination is the parent procedure, the most available, successful, and egalitarian. Breaking the bonds of silence and ending secrecy is necessary, we believe, to address the inherent psychological problems".

bookTelling It Your Way – A Guide for Parents of Donor-Conceived Adolescents
by Dr Maggie Kirkman, Professor Doreen Rosenthal and Louise Johnson
Published by the Infertility Treatment Authority of Victoria 2007-08-25

This book is for parents who are thinking about telling their adolescent children that they were conceived with the help of a donor. You can also read in the book what adolescents and donor-conceived adults say about “telling”.

My Story for children conceived by donor insemination (DI)
by Sheffield Uni. Dept. of Obst. & Gyn Great Britain
                                                           Our story
Story for children, briefly explains D.I. in words and pictures.

“Mummy and Daddy were very sad when no baby began to grow. Then the doctor said there was a way for them to have a baby. Some very kind men give their sperm so people like Mummy and Daddy can have a baby. At last Mummy and Daddy had a baby and that was me!”

Versions also avalable for single and lesbian parent families.

Sometimes it takes three to make a babySometimes it Takes Three to Make a Baby
Written by Kate Bourne and illustrated by Ron Thompson
To purchase, go to                                                                               

Written by an infertility counsellor, "Sometimes It Takes Three to Make a Baby" is primarily written for young children to help them understand the way they began. It will also be of interest to their parents, friends and family and to egg donors and their children.   

Choosing to be open about donor conception:the experiences of parents
by Sharon Pettle & Jan Burn

This short book reports the conversations of 52 parents with children ranging from babies toChoosing to be open about DI teenagers - mums and dads, single parents and lesbian couples - Topics covered include:
• influences on the decision to be open
• thoughts about secrets
• telling family and friends
• handling professionals
• dealing with remarks about resemblance
• stages in telling children
• thinking about schools and the longer term
• reflecting on the whole experience

bookWho am I?
by Alexina McWhinnie UK, 2006

A series of essays written by 3 women conceived by donor sperm.


Helping the storkHelping the Stork
by Carol Vercollone and H & R Moss
The choices and challenges of donor insemination. Each year DI offers a pathway to parenthood for the hundreds of thousands who turn to family-building alternatives. Although DI is considered as often as adoption, couples facing male infertility, as well as single women and lesbian couples have had few places to turn for information about this method which has been shrouded in secrecy.”


When the dream is shatteredWhen the dream is shattered
by Judith and Michael Murray Australia, 1998
Coping with child-bearing difficulties "a practical and compassionate book written by a couple who have themselves experienced...pain and disappointment. The authors desceibe in simple conversational language the various medical problems encountered in child-bearing and the process of grief that sufferers gro through. They also suggest avenues of help that are available".

Male Infertility - Men TalkingMale Infertility : Men Talking
by Mary-Claire Mason Great Britain, 1993

How do men feel when they are diagnosed as infertile? How do they cope? How men feel about such things as the discovery of their infertility, the desire for fatherhood, how they cope with the consequences of their infertility. Sections on D.I. Also a look at openness versus secrecy.